The Government’s 2011 Localism Act introduced new rights for Parish Councils, as well as other representative groups, for community led planning via the creation of Neighbourhood Plans. The Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan (MCNP), created between 2015 and 2019, acts as an important stimulus to better decision-making. The MCNP was formally adopted following a local referendum in May 2019.

The Plan addresses issues such as where any housing development should go, what controls there should be on development, together with transport and traffic, employment, health provision, and other issues that affect the local community. All our policies are based on what the community wants. Once approved, the MCNP became a statutory part of the Development Plan for our area.

Cherwell District Council are now reviewing their Local Plan, and likely to require a significant increase in numbers of new dwellings in the District, including sites within the Neighbourhood Plan area. The major development at Heyford Park could see a further increase in its scale, and some of our local villages are already under pressure from developers.

We are therefore also now reviewing the MCNP, starting in late 2022, and due for completion in 2024. We are revising existing policies, adding new ones, and engaging with all our local communities to ensure that we continue to reflect their priorities.



The aim of the MCNP is to develop a strong, collective voice for the residents of the Mid-Cherwell area, and to set down the aspirations and hopes of the local community to the year 2031, and following the review, to 2040.

To achieve our aims, we are working closely with Parish Councils in the Mid-Cherwell area, Cherwell District Council, and The Dorchester Group – the owners of Heyford Park.

The participants in the Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan Forum – see the map for more:
Lower Heyford Parish Council
Upper Heyford Parish Council
Steeple Aston Parish Council
Middle Aston Parish Meeting
North Aston Parish Meeting
Somerton Parish Council
Middleton Stoney Parish Council

Fritwell Parish Council
Ardley with Fewcott Parish Council (lead parish for legal purposes)

Kirtlington Parish Council
Duns Tew Parish Council

Dorchester Group

The Forum has elected an Executive group to take forward the work of creating the Plan. The Executive currently includes two representatives each from Upper Heyford, Steeple Aston and Middleton Stoney Parish Councils, and from the Dorchester Group.