MCNP Forum received a large number of responses to the Pre-submission Consultation held from August to October 2017. The Plan documents have now been amended, taking into account all comments received from members of the public, organisations and statutory bodies. In addition, supporting documents necessary to comply with Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations have been completed. These include the Consultation Statement which contains a full listing of all the pre-submission consultation responses received, together with comments from MCNP in response to them.

There is NOT a further consultation at this stage; the documents below are available to view for information only, in advance of formal submission to Cherwell DC. CDC will place all the Plan documents into their public consultation process, for a six-week period, at which time submissions and comments may be made to them:

Submission Plan                        Submission Plan v2.0 low res

Submission Plan Appendices  Submission Appendices v2.0

Consultation Statement          MCNP Consultation Statement v2.2

Basic Conditions Statement   MCNP Basic Conditions Statement v2.0

Draft SEA Screening                MCNP Submission Plan Draft SEA Screening v1.0

Evidence Base documents     Appendix E Housing Needs Assessment

                                                    Social infrastructure survey FINAL

                                                    Local groups, organisations and businesses MASTERv4

                                                    Local businesses by parish

                                                    Archaeology in MCNP neighbourhood

                                                    Appendix G Listed Buildings and Structures

                                                    Appendix K Heritage and Character Assessment – Part 1

                                                    Appendix K Heritage and Character Assessment – Part 2

                                                    MCNP traffic flows

                                                    Village traffic mitigation consultant’s report 2017